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Yoga For The Deaf

Colette Barry, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

“The blind cannot see and the deaf cannot hear. Does this mean that what they cannot see or hear does not exist” Yogarahasya

No one could have described the incomprehensible sensation of tranquility and harmony rooting from yoga, better than the wise words of Yogarahasya. While many of us allow the inferiority complexes to get the better of us, there are many unfortunate souls who do not share the same blessings that we are bestowed with. People with hearing disabilities suffer from communication challenges that hinder their ability to learn and grow.

Yoga embraces everyone! A heart touching motto that unlocks doors to deaf individuals that are unable to outshine with their true potentials owing to the restriction of opportunities. Ever wondered living in a mute word?  Where expressions and gestures speak louder than words as you try to fabricate a social circle amidst individuals that suffer from no disabilities. How would you feel if you are unable to express your frustrating feelings and emotions? Yoga is the light at the end of tunnel for deaf people that believe in staying positive and hopeful.

Yoga as a form of expression

Scientific research supports yoga as being a resourceful asset in venting out your negative impressions stored away in an unconscious state of mind. The deep breathing and relaxation postures helps to resolve the inner conflicting thoughts as they arise to the surface and eventually dissipate. Deaf people have spent their entire lives bottling up feelings to eventually reach a position of mental instability. Yoga guides them to a serene state of mind as they learn to finally let go of pessimism and allow positive energy to take control.

Mastering the four senses

Just because you are deprived of hearing does not mean that you are helpless! If one sense is missing then work towards enhancing your other senses. Yoga is a wonder blend of body and mind and does not involve hearing at all. It establishes itself purely on sensation and concentrations, meaning you are completely in control of steering your boat. You need to learn to master your ‘center’ – a state of spiritual and physical synchronization. Discover your potentials as you work towards improving your body movement and balance. The stronger your senses become the easier it gets to live a normal life.

Fitting in

One of the biggest hurdle experienced by deaf people is learning to socialise. They tend to feel more comfortable in a group of deaf individuals as they communicate with each other using sign languages. They have a common ground to connect, communicate and learn. Yoga sessions for deaf offers them social benefits by allowing them to feel right at home. This feeling is just the motivation needed to discover content and blissful moments in a difficult life.

Yoga allows deaf the opportunity to experience the wonderful ecstasy of ‘visualization’. It is a journey towards self-development and self-realization as you learn to break free from the chains of a soundless world.

About the Author

Author and Illustrator of  Wall Yoga the Art of Centering, Colette Barry is a licensed massage therapist, certified yoga and Pilates instructor. Through Colette’s lifelong work in rehabilitation with her husband and her father, physicians of Chiropractic, she developed two programs “Wall Yoga” and the “Barry Method”.  Colette’s programs goes far beyond muscle isolation creating a technique that includes using visual cues to connect the mind and body. These programs results in a harmonious muscle and overall body alignment. Claiming, “perfect alignment produces perfect results!”

Join Colette’s online training programs at Udemy, “The Complete Wall Yoga Strength Program”, “Introduction to Wall Yoga”, “The Whole Body Wall Yoga Makeover” and “Barry Method”. These programs are available to anyone who would like to experience a profound new level of healing.  Please visit Colette’s excellent blog at

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