Comments on: Monsanto in Paradise: How to Stop Big-Ag From Destroying Hawaii Entering a Time of Natural Health, Elevated Consciousness, Sustainable Living and Total Freedom. Thu, 21 May 2015 01:41:25 +0000 hourly 1 By: jim loewen Sun, 16 Nov 2014 01:17:46 +0000 how did it get this bad. why is the profit over people such a realty in this beautiful island state . how many people must die before someone actually does something

By: Sam Small Mon, 06 Oct 2014 09:07:40 +0000 The people of Hawaii are in the fight of our lives… a fight for our lives. We need the world’s help. We need YOUR help.

Major Agro Chemical companies have quietly turned Maui County into ground zero for GMO’s – the largest open-air, experimental chemical and genetics test site in the world.

Everything is being exposed to unknown and unregulated chemical combinations, as well as new life forms that have never before existed on the planet. It’s clear our lands and reefs are being poisoned. The people, our visitors and our fragile environment are getting sick.

We are doing everything we can to protect ourselves but the huge chemical companies are spending millions to influence the voters their way. They are relentless with their misinformation campaign and are saturating our community with propaganda.

We need financial support. We need you to donate generously. We need your friends and family too, to support our campaign and all our efforts to educate our community.

Thank you for your help. Thank you for acting now.

Please donate immediately and please visit and share our crowd-funding site for videos and more information. Thank you.

We intend to empower the citizens of Maui County to make truly informed decisions, free of the corporate propaganda that’s flooding our islands. We encourage all Maui County residents to register to vote and to VOTE YES so that the people may determine their and their children’s future, instead of corporations that are ONLY focused on profits.

By: tony rohl Thu, 02 Jan 2014 19:42:18 +0000 The reality is that the farm isn’t testing gmo corn. That takes place on the mainland. The corn grown in Hawaii is merely raised and harvested for distribution to interested growers worldwide and the reason for growing corn in Hawaii is that there are 3 growing seasons as opposed to one on the mainland

By: leon Mon, 15 Oct 2012 20:17:07 +0000 My question is this…if Hawaii has recently taken back it’s land and become the Hawaiian republic once again, separate from the US, they can opt out of the UN and other world orgs and kick Monsanto out! So why aren’t they? They are once again their own government and can make the changes within if they so choose!

By: Edward Durney Tue, 10 Jul 2012 06:09:07 +0000 Mr Dylan Charles
Just to let you know that your Senators Akaka and Inooye Plus
Mazie Hirono and Colleen Hanabusa are on Monsantos pay roll so you have a very small to no chance to get rid of Monsanto,Dow,Pioneer,
Basf and Syngenta Thru petitions or Courts on Monsanto payroll at my last count is 1,380,000 an counting that I know of.I can do the job of getting Monsanto and Partners out of Hawaii but their brain
will be scrambled they will not be able to put 2+2=4 together again
The cost will be $250,000 Into my account Take down 500 personal.

By: Jack and Jeri Sat, 07 Jul 2012 03:01:05 +0000 Jeri and I grew up in Hawaii and left 38 years ago. We knew that the old Hawaii,Jeri is part Hawaiian,and had a special place in our hearts was changing over the years under the influence of mainland money and greed. We never imagined that it would be poisoned. Hawaii was at least in some parts one of the most pristine places on Earth. It is time for the people of Hawaii to take their home back.