The Warmonger Race and Weaponization of Everything

Zen Gardner

What’s with this world? It doesn’t matter what new technology surfaces, “How can we weaponize it?”

It’s insane to the max.

Whether it’s viruses and bacteria, flying things, vaccines, food, sound and electromagnetic technology, anything with a camera, x-rays and radiation, forays into space, psychological advances, mosquitoes, vehicles of any sort including unmanned drones of every size, time travel and remote viewing, microchips and computers, robots, and even the environment and flipping weather.

And that’s just some of the stuff we know about. Whatever…..

“Weaponize it!”

Satanic Lunacy

Just look at all the crap they’re pumping out. It’s incredible! All in the name of “national security”. DARPA, or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is a highly secretive branch of the Military Industrial Monster that spends billions on developing just such insanities. Cloaked in this extremely handy veil of “classified” like so many 10′s of thousands of documents and undercover operations for decades, DARPA does whatever the hell it pleases.

Like the shadow government. While the populace sleeps, feeling “protected” from one set of fictitious “bad guys” after the other.

So called “Congress” is a long dead joke in this cryptocracy anachronistically called America. That icon so-called “freedom” has slipped off like a bad toupe worn by a Hitler look-alike in a wax museum. Your bullshit detector has to be changed and cleaned more often than a baby’s diaper just to keep up with the lies being spun on an hourly basis.

Warmonger by John Carroll

It’s sick out here.

Who Are the Warmongers?

This is an important question to ask. When you find out the so-called enemies have all been either fictional or deliberately fabricated you start to catch on. It also leaves you with the  horrific spectre of a very dark shadowy power with way too much power and a cornucopia of bad intentions.

Nasty conclusion, but a true one.

The Defense Department, once more openly called the War Department, is the tip of the iceberg. War is a money maker, as well as a release valve for sick psychopaths, a chance to rearrange the world, take over vital natural resources, reward the gofers with new despotic positions of power, and last but not least enjoy a massive occult, sacrificial ritual to empower those engaged in the dark sorcery of subduing our planet and its native races.

I bring that up because the source is all important.

If anyone can stand back and see how massive this assumptive manipulated world view is, they will deduce there is more than just wicked, evil and power crazed money grubbers at work here. We’re hitting new dimensions. This strain of coordinated, frighteningly similar tactics takes on the appearance of a science fiction alien movie.

Why? Because it is.

They Play Us at Every Level

We’re not dealing with conspiracy theory, but conspiracy fact. And as David Icke has wisely said, that doesn’t make every conspiracy theory right either.

Not at all. Especially the ones the PTBs spin as fact. Those are the biggest doozies. But not one enlightened being I’ve ever known just swallows anything that comes along. Those in that frame of mind are usually trying to be a “success” in the alternative or new age world and look for things to confirm that, as Clif High has so astutely pointed out recently.

Watch out for some cult of the personality thingy, belief system or ethereal cereal you can’t quite grasp that leads you down the primrose path to nowhere. Cuz that’s exactly where you’ll end up…giving your sovereign sense of judgement and hence your consciousness away.

“They Live” disguised amongst us…fact or fiction?

Anyway, to get back on track,we’re dealing with overlords here. What populace would ever want to send its sons and daughters to die in a far off country? What rational human being would want to fight against another human to the death for the cause or its rulers?

If your life is directly threatened up close and personal, that would make sense. But these huge engineered wars and decades long escapades into far away lands with so little information except churned out propaganda, it just doesn’t add up.

And how did they start and get their impetus going? An event…a galvanizing event. Pearl Harbor, a “new Pearl Harbor” – 9/11 –  and a plethora of other examples. These wars are produced, directed and funded by this self-appointed ruling authority. But it is so essentially other-worldly in relation to true human nature, there has got to be an outside source for this maniacal, highly sophisticated and manipulated passion for war and anything warlike.

Granted, it may appeal to a reptilian side of human nature, but this preoccupation to the detriment of our very race goes way over the top.

What Are They Fighting?

There are many thoughts in this area. Some say it’s an evil, bloodthirsty way of life and method of self empowerment for a parasitic race converting humans into co-conspirators. Others say the earth is being set up as yet another base for an invading species to attack and overcome other planets and solar systems similar to ours, sort of the galactic federation model.

I don’t know. But it’s weird, way weird, and deserves our stepping back to see the absolute insanity of it and pursue it’s source. Wouldn’t you say?

I do know we, the human race, are the most feared enemy they have. We have the power to throw them off if we’d be willing to wake up, unite and take action together. Hence the stringent efforts to dumb us down via tainted food, water and air; a dumbing down and propaganda barrage via education and media outlets, and the deprivation of Truth causing a massive worldwide spiritual asphyxiation.

The following is a perfect summary of this issue and why they are afraid of us:


Any way you look at it it’s off the charts weird on this here earth, and getting worse. The weaponization of everything with the escalating knowledge and scientific breakthroughs is not empowering as it should be, but frightening in the hands of such monstrous entities tooling with the weakest of our race…the greedy sell outs who will do anything for power and money.

An easy bunch to convince they’re doing the right thing by eliminating 90% of the earth’s population as long as they survive and get rewarded with a position of power. Talk about phony belief systems!

Boy are they in for a surprise!!

You really think such evil entities would keep their “word” about anything?

How ironic.

Let the underground base reptilian barbecues begin!

Just wondering, as always….

Love, Zen

  • mothman777

    Good article Zen, but sadly, most people just don’t want to risk looking weird in front of others by appearing to lend any credence to these sorts of ideas. But here is some really weird stuff from the Chabad Lubavitchers, who are big friends with the governments of the US, UK and Russia, etc;

    The Rabbi Schneerson is held by many Jews to be the coming true messiah of the Jews when he reincarnates.

    This (late) Chabad Lubavitcher leading rabbi, whose sect continues to influence and control many of the most powerful politicians in the world today, including Putin and Obama, had this to say about Gentiles, taken from the following article in ‘CounterPunch’;

    ‘Why is the US Honoring a Racist Rabbi?’

    Some of Schneerson’s rarely reported teachings:

    “The difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish person stems from the common expression: “Let us differentiate.” Thus, we do not have a case of profound change in which a person is merely on a superior level. Rather, we have a case of “let us differentiate” between totally different species.”

    “This is what needs to be said about the body: the body of a Jewish person is of a totally different quality from the body of [members] of all nations of the world … The difference in the inner quality between Jews and non-Jews is “so great that the bodies should be considered as completely different species.”

    “An even greater difference exists in regard to the soul. Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness.”

    “As has been explained, an embryo is called a human being, because it has both body and soul. Thus, the difference between a Jewish and a non-Jewish embryo can be understood.”

    “…the general difference between Jews and non-Jews: A Jew was not created as a means for some [other] purpose; he himself is the purpose, since the substance of all [divine] emanations was created only to serve the Jews.”

    “The important things are the Jews, because they do not exist for any [other] aim; they themselves are [the divine] aim.”

    “The entire creation [of a non-Jew] exists only for the sake of the Jews.”

    “Most people don’t know about this aspect of Schneerson’s teaching because, according to Shahak and Mezvinsky, such teachings are intentionally minimized, mistranslated, or hidden entirely.”

    The Chabad Lubavitcher sect pushed for the 1991 US Noahide Laws, and they are now aggressively pushing for them to be passed in as many other countries all over the world as possible.

    4.5 million rounds of hollow-point ammunition is now possessed by the Israeli-trained American DHS (really now little different in identity or purpose to the Israeli IDF) for use on American civilian citizens.

    Hollow-point ammunition will not just clip your shoulder and leave a neat little hole, it will take your entire shoulder joint out together with the arm, so it is designed to be a weapon that leaves no chance of surgery afterwards. It is a strange choice of weapon for ‘internal’ ‘security’ services of the ‘American’ government to use, and all the more strange considering that it is banned for use in warfare by international convention throughout the entire world, except in Israel, so we can see where this mentality is coming from, as it is the same horrific illegal ordnance used in genocidal fashion on the Palestinians. It appears that Americans are ‘the enemy’ too, just as 5th-columnist crypto-Jew POTUS Roosevelt once said, when he actually referred to the American people as such.

    Use of this ammunition on American civilians may not be actually illegal under technical terms of the agreement, because the ammunition would not be used on any invading army, or in any war against another state.

    The ammunition is designed to take out any Americans who won’t like it when the Chabad Lubavitcher Noahide Law guillotines are put into action by the ‘US’ armed forces to take out non-Jewish civilian leaders when military bases across America fully effect the US 1991 Noahide Laws.

    These laws will make lawful the decapitation of any or all non-Jews in the US simply for being idolators, meaning those who worship Jesus, Buddha or Krishna etc.

    Of course, merely to mention that these days, makes one ‘guilty’ of ‘hatred’ and ‘antisemitism’ and even of being ‘extreme right wing’. All very sad really, because I would rather that all Jews and members of the other hellish Abrahamic pseudo-religions simply left their hateful terrorist cults and rejoined the human race.

    My own faith, the Vaishnava faith holds that all souls without exception live eternally in the spiritual world of their origin, but that some of them sometimes experiment a little too much with their consciousness, due to their eternal free will to do so, and in so doing, turn away from their communal light-giving Godhead, Krishna, and thus fall temporarily into this mayic dream of being here in the material heavenly or hellish situations of this ‘dream’ world.

    Simply turning back towards Krishna in this life guarantees the complete cessation of the dream of the cycle of ‘reincarnation’ in this dimension. Dreaming here in the waking world can be compared with the dreaming process we have in bed at night, where we seem to visit many places, and even get killed by a tiger perhaps, yet still wake up perfectly safe in bed in the morning.

    Similarly, after all these experiences in this gross material dream world, which is just a condensed version of the further subtle material astral dream dimension, dreams within dreams, the eternal souls of all who turn back towards their Godhead can reawake in their true place of origin, Krishna Goloka, which none of them in truth have ever left, or ever will, and this is true for souls of former Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, and all souls in all animal, avian, aquatic, plant and insect species etc. in fact.

    Krishna constantly incarnates in all species of life forms, and He is the eternal indwelling Supersoul within the hearts of all jiva souls in each of them, all souls being eternally connected expansions of Himself, joined together in one infinite and eternal spiritual family, by Krishna Himself, like pearls upon a thread, according to the Bhagavad Gita.

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