GMO Takedown

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Jack Adam Weber
Wakeup World

If you have not noticed, a revolution is underway! Our high-tech rifles, horses, catapults and cannons are the internet, petitions, rallies, protests, and other acts of civil disobedience. We are using our passionate hearts and community networking, our growing activism, intelligence, and courage to take claim of our liberties. The core of this revolution is the same force at work in revolutions past: the heart’s innate desire for freedom, justice, and unhampered joy. Yours, mine, all of our hearts.

Since my passion is healthcare and holistic medicine, which derives its power, protocols, and principles from nature, and specifically the integrity and vitality of natural products, I will share with you what I consider the most crucial aspects of our relationship to GMO, biotechnology, and organic foods—the crux of our new global healthcare crisis.

The Biotech companies are very focused. However deranged, they execute their plans to a tee. They rely on us to be divided to stay in business, to grow, to spread their disease upon the Earth. In the words of Dr. Mercola:

“Sheer ignorance on the part of American consumers has allowed Monsanto and other biotech companies to saturate the market with their genetically altered wares.”

- Dr. Mercola

In addition to ignorance, I would add other qualities. Monsanto relies on our laziness, our disenchantment and dispassion. They count on our clinging to comforts, which they and their cronies in crime have sold to us through other channels of disingenuous business and disempowering, brainwashing media. They rely on our overall weakness of mind, heart, and will. With the added lack of education about GMOs, no wonder we are in this hole. But the tides are shifting. People are waking up now. People like you. We need as many as we can because we can only get out together. So, in order to survive what has divided us, ironically we are going to have to come together to survive, and soon. It’s time to get out, and to get out we not only need the information, but the guts to step-by-step shift the balance. It’s happening and we now need to step it up.

I found this riveting quote on Facebook a few days that speaks directly to the kind of passion and wholeheartedness we need to take GMOs out of the food supply.

Until you are able to kick yourself in the gut of your humanity, until you are able to break your own heart on demand, nothing much is ever going to matter much. Until you prove to yourself how much you care, and about what, and about whom, you’ll never be able to harness the best that’s in you and you’ll never experience that special passion, uniquely yours, your North Star that’s capable of rendering surrender from all obstacles.”

- Keith Rose

We all need to now compassionately yet fiercely (Peaceful Warrior style) boot ourselves in the gut to bring out the Protector for our precious planet.

Monsanto, and all of Big Business, rely on us to not get in their way. If we are for real, if we really want to put action and heart behind our disgust, behind our outrage, we are going to have to be as strategic, as strong, and as disciplined as they are. We must act and choose to not support them—to remove, one by one, the monetary immoral feeder tubes we have plugged into them and them into us.

Though they would not admit it, make no mistake, Monsanto and friends want to get rid of organic food. Think about it for a moment….as long as we have organics we have power. What kind of power? The power to fund (via our purchasing power) something diametrically opposed to everything biotechnology and GMOs stand for. As long as we have a choice to not buy their products, and in the process support a movement that inherently discredits GE foods, we have the power to take down the GMO industry. This is why biotechnology secretly wants the contamination of organic seeds. Once that happens, the bridge to our abundant and promising future begins to crumble exponentially. Which is to say, we have no time to waste. We need to begin today, each and every one of us, reading this now.

While anti-GMO legislation may prove to be helpful, I find it most crucial and holistic to heal this dysfunction at a more root level, person by whole person. This way creates a fundamental change in the way you and I view and participate in the world, by fostering the guts, the intelligence, the discipline and the self-esteem to make a solid difference.

The path to end GMOs is relatively straightforward, as long as we still have the choice to buy and to grow organic produce.  But, we are going to have to change, each and every one of us. Yes, this means you too. You are going to have to be strong, disciplined, courageous, outrageous, and motivated. What WE get in return is better health, self and collective empowerment, and a shot at saving our food, our health, and our children’s lives. This is not a joke. It is not a fairy tale, it is not a tv show. It is not written as information for someone else. It is written for you.

The question is, will you do it? Can you be everything Monsanto counts on you not to be so that they can stay in business and take over the world’s food supply?

*Can you scratch GMOs from your shopping list?

*Will you check all your food purchases for GMO ingredients?

*Can you go out of your way to spread the good word about bad food?

*Can you become an everyday activist—make phone calls, educate friends?

*Are you ready to give up eating in restaurants that serve GMO food?

*Are you ready to go into your favorite restaurants and make a statement to management that you will not eat there until they change their policy?

*Are you ready to walk into your health food store and say you want to see no GMOs in the store?

*Are you ready to give up some pleasures, to put that saved money toward the extra cost of organic corn tortillas, chips, tofu, beets, and canola oil, and all meat products instead of their commercial and GMO counterparts?

Probably not, right? Who wants to give up the pleasures of apathy and convenience? Who wants to be painfully aware that each time we choose GMO, we support the collapse of our future? Who wants to take the time? Who wants to be a standout and embarrassment amongst friends? No one.

But none of this matters anymore. It’s part of the fake game show we’ve been on. The game has changed. This isn’t about giving anything up anymore; it’s about urgently saving what is left of our world and our lives. It is not about the inconveniences we have to deal with. It is far more serious. It is a matter of life and death—the death of safe food, the poisoning of our soils, waterways, and our freedoms. If organics get tumbled into the GMO tsunami, we are going to have a lot more serious problems than what we now have the luxury to perceive as inconveniences and hassles.




*We cannot keep our enjoyable (short-term) easy habits and win this thing.

*You and I (ironically enough) have to give up business as usual to end Big Ag.

*We have to connect our ideas and upsets into solid action.

Remember, Biotech counts on us to be lazy, apathetic, brainwashed, distracted, pleasure-addicted, chemical-addicted, and too busy to bother. And they count on our ignorance. But we can end this game. So again, are you as weak as they count on you to be? Please join me in proving them wrong. What greater satisfaction than to win this thing together? What greater satisfaction than to show the bullies and bank robbers that we stepped up in the final hour and took victory away from them? That we dug in and became the heroes they counted on us not to be? This is the direct path to bypass our corrupt governments, our sold-out and hands-always-tied politicians, of greed and apathy creating the rules for us.

It is time to wake up, world.

It’s time to begin pulling the blame away from biotech, which is a further distraction from the grounded steps we need to take now. This is a time of responsibility, of dealing with the reality of where we are now. It is a time to get down to business, the way Monsanto does in a no-bullshit way. We have the numbers. When we out-discipline them, we win.

This is why I said earlier that this letter is written to you. It is not spoken to the disengaged mind and the disembodied heart of someone else. You have to change, I have to change, we have to change…and we have to share that change with everyone else and be the thumb that sticks out, the mad pirate in the dinner date bunch, the uncomfortable and disrespectful guest, the party pooper, the madman and madwoman who is just crazy enough to begin to set fire to other people’s passion to save all of our frickin’ lives.

I read the comments that many of you made on the petition we created for the farmers and seed growers who lost the opening round to Monsanto. I feel the passion in your voices. Please put that conviction into grounded action with me, with everyone you bring on board to construct this bridge to a future worth living, and with everyone else around you who cares and is ready to exercise our tremendous privilege to still be able to choose and to act with power and integrity before it’s too late and we all regret we did not do more while we could.

If I am rustling your feathers, this is a taste of how it feels to become a grounded, active participant in this self-empowered revolution. It is going to take strength, courage, self-esteem, and discipline, and a deep compassion to stop your own participation in the destruction of life you accuse Monsanto of executing. Yes they are also to blame. But we have to stop our own selves in order to stop them. Let’s channel our anger and upset into the real deal, the actual means to win.

Everyone is going to have a different level of participation in this takedown. If we could rely on everyone to carry it out, we would win, hands down. In fact, if we could rely on a small percentage of the population to carry it out we would win. It is just as easy for me to imagine us doing this thing and winning as it is to imagine us continuing along the same path of (valid) complaining and endless bashing, complaining and finger-pointing. Yet we should continue to bash and share information and stoke the fire of change. But most importantly now, we are overdue on acting with stealth determination.

This is why I created GEM (GMO Eradication Movement). If you have not visited and joined hands with us, please do. The heart of GEM is the 11 Steps to avoid GMOs. In principle it’s simple. We need to act now.

If you want to channel all the love you have for healthy organic food and all sadness, disgust, and heartbreak you have over biotech’s unbelievable crimes against humanity and nature, please join me in furthering this grassroots shift. Each of us needs one another, and the next and the next to make it work. Please do your part.

About the Author

Jack Adam Weber is a licensed acupuncturist, master herbalist, author, organic farmer, celebrated poet, and activist for Earth-centered spirituality. He integrates poetry, ancient wisdom, holistic medicine, and depth psychology into passionate presentations for personal fulfillment as a path to planetary transformation. His books, artwork, and provocative poems can be found at his website Jack can be reached at or on Facebook

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