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Toxic: Amazon (Video)


In this very well produced yet saddening documentary about a lawless region of Brazil’s amazon, a brave young film maker spends time with people who are the last line of defense for the rainforest and investigates the murders of local activists.  A heartbreaking must see.

  • I stayed in tonight for new year’s eve, and i could not have asked for a better way to spend it than watching this video. WHile much of the developed world celebrates something or other, the undeveloped world suffers. My care is with the undeveloped world, those who are struggling for the basics of life and to protect nature. This video broke my heart open tonight, just where it needs to be for the new year. Thank you for posting this and for your recommendation that drew me in: “a heartbreaking must see.” You could not have said it better.
    On to part II…thank you.

  • A few years ago I’d have to pay seoomne for this information.

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